Oct 11

MAB Scholarships

By endorsing quality education of potential broadcasters the members of the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters believe that they are guaranteeing the future of quality broadcasting in Mississippi. Toward that goal, the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters has established a scholarship fund aimed at higher education of promising students. The purpose of that scholarship fund is multifold.

• To encourage a higher standard of professionalism in the Industry
• To foster a stronger relationship between higher education and the profession;
• To promote a greater understanding of journalistic ethics and societal responsibility of broadcasters
• To support potential and commitment in promising future broadcasters.

The Mississippi Association of Broadcasters will make available up to $4,000 annually in scholarship awards. Scholarship to a student enrolled in a fully accredited broadcast curriculum at a Mississippi four year college; or Scholarship to student enrolled in a fully accredited broadcast curriculum at a Mississippi community or two-year college. Those applicants determined to be the best candidates will receive a scholarship award without regard to their enrollment in a four-year or two-year college.

Applicants should have:

• Mississippi home address
• Submit up to three letters of recommendation from a college professor, broadcast and/or other business person
• Application signed by college radio/TV department head or broadcaster certifying that the applicant meets the criteria.

Financial need may be considered; applicants are asked to indicate how their college education is being funded. Industry need for sales/marketing professionals will be considered when selecting the winners. Judges will consider depth of thought, clarity of expression and commitment of broadcasting as primary. Extra curricular activities and community involvement will also be considered.

Previous MAB Scholarship Award winners are eligible.

The Mississippi Association of Broadcasters has a keen interest in the excellence of broadcast education. Consistent with this goal and to lend tangible support, the MAB has established this scholarship program to encourage students of the highest caliber to enter broadcasting as a career and to seek the best quality of education in the field. We sincerely want to see broadcasting as a profession today passed on to qualified, outstanding men and women. The scholarship reflects the MAB's commitment to the principal of affirmative actions. No applicant will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex or age.

Download Application Form Here
Complete the application form attaching additional sheets necessary and mail to:

Scholarship Committee Mississippi Association of Broadcasters
855 S. Pear Orchard Rd., Suite 403
Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157

The application must reach the MAB by May 1st. Recipient will be recognized at the MAB Annual Meeting.