About Us

Created on November 28th, 1941, the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters is one of the nation’s leading state broadcast associations. With 100% of Mississippi TV stations, and 85% of Mississippi radio stations as members, the MAB represents the Mississippi broadcast industry in Washington and at the state and local levels. The Mississippi Association of Broadcasters has been representing and serving Mississippi radio and television since 1941. The Mississippi Association of Broadcasters (MAB) is a nonprofit trade association for radio and television stations in Mississippi. Its purpose is to assist members with broadcast industry and general business related challenges. MAB members are offered educational seminars, legal hotlines, lobbying representation, updates on industry trends, and opportunities to network with other broadcasters. The MAB provides the latest news and information affecting the broadcast industry through online and print newsletters, meeting notes, legal industry memos, an e-mail action list and educational events during the year. If you’re already a MAB member, come in to our members-only area. If you are not a MAB member, you can find out about joining by contacting the MAB office.

Here are a few member services…

  • Regular, practical, money-saving SEMINARS that provide strong in-service training in areas such as sales and programming/promotions.
  • The association serves as a catalyst on national and state issues, in matters affecting the broadcasting industry through a close working relationship with our state and federal legislators. This support comes through personal contact and letters to our Mississippi Congressional Delegation, the FCC, and other important parties.
  • The association offers a Scholarship Program to broadcast majors attending Mississippi universities and colleges.
  • The MAB presents annual awards to radio and television stations to recognize outstanding efforts in categories such as newscasts, spot announcements, special events, and public service.
  • The MAB office maintains an Employment Service for all member stations.
  • MAB members can take advantage of the MAB Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP). This program guarantees that your station will not be subject to a regular FCC Inspection for a period of 3 years.
  • Members are allowed exclusive access to protected areas of this website. These include the bulletin boards, newsletters, job posting area and more.