MAB Membership

Membership has it’s benefits!

  • MAB. is a basic resource of information, keeping members informed on key issues, requirements, & information through timely alerts and bulletins. M.A.B. finds answers!
  • MAB / LAB Annual Convention – Learn about broadcast and digital opportunities from industry leaders. See the latest in technology from our convention sponsors.
  • MAB represents Mississippi radio and broadcast TV interests in Jackson and Washington D.C.
  • MAB members pay a small fee for the A.B.I.P. inspection program. This replaces surprise F.C.C. inspections.
  • MAB’s website provides information for members and a database for advertisers and businesses, allowing them to find YOU, PLUS online job listing!
  • MAB is a vital resource for broadcasters with a commitment to help their members grow revenue! Priceless!

2nd & 3rd Generation M.A.B. Members

Associate Members

Associate Members are individuals, organizations and companies that offer services or products which are ancillary to the industry.  Associate members are significant in furthering the work of the association and Mississippi’s broadcasters.

Associate Members have increased opportunities to interact, support and offer special discounts or incentives to member stations.

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