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MAB’s October Newsletter

MAB's October newsletter and memorandum to members can be found attached in the link below. This newsletter includes articles covering recent FCC news as well as upcoming FCC broadcast deadlines for October through December. Mississippi 20-09 MTM      

FCC Authorizes All-Digital AM Radio

An announcement from the FCC on digital AM:   For Immediate Release FCC AUTHORIZES ALL-DIGITAL AM RADIO Action Will Improve Listening Experience and Provide Consumers with Enhanced Services WASHINGTON, October 27, 2020—The Federal Communications Commission today adopted a Report and Order that allows AM radio stations to operate using all-digital broadcast signals.... Read More.

Mississippi State Flag

The Mississippi Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors met today.  They voted unanimously to make a statement regarding the Mississippi flag.  They believe the elected officials of Mississippi should change the flag to be more representative to all citizens in the state and support... Read More.

MAB Joins State Broadcaster Associations Asking FCC to Remove Obsolete EEO Rules

MAB joins other state broadcaster associations in asking the FCC to remove obsolete EEO rules. NASBA says proposed changes would increase burdens on broadcasters and be of little practical utility in meeting EEO goals.  Read more about it here:

What the Future Sales Team Looks Like

What the Future Sales Team Looks Like and How You Can Prepare with Laurie Kahn of Media Staffing Network.

Who Is Your Chief Operator?

FCC Rule 73.1870 outlines the requirements of the Station’s Chief Operator. It indicates that “the licensee of each AM, FM, TV or Class A TV broadcast station must designate a person to serve as the station’s chief operator”. In this presentation we will cover the... Read More.

EAS News

A national test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be held on Wednesday, August 7 at 2:20 p.m. EDT. All AM/FM/TV broadcast stations and cable television operations are required to interrupt programming for a short message from the

Radio License Renewal Guideline

© 2019 Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP. Attorney Advertising. A Radio Broadcaster’s Guide to License Renewal. The FCC’s radio license renewal cycle is now underway, with the first batch of applications due by June 3, 2019. Given that their most recent license renewal... Read More.

FCC Continues Rule Slashing

(January 28, 2019) - Decades worth of regulations are being considered for elimination as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continues Chairman Ajit Pai's housecleaning agenda. According to the January issue of Antenna, Midterm Reports are being considered for the chopping block... Read More.